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Welcome to, your buying guide for cannabis seeds on the Internet. Our directory has selected the best international sellers for you. You will therefore find the seed shops classified by country. But also comparisons by variety and genetics of marijuana: feminized seeds, in autoflowering, seed for outdoor or indoor cultivation, as well as medical CBD hemp seeds with high cannabidiol content. So, if you didn't know where to get the seed you want, our seddshop cannabis comparator is here to help!

Cannabis seeds

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What is the best online seedshop?

Any cannabis grower who cares about growing the best flowers possible is looking for top quality seeds and perfect genetics. This is why we have selected for you the best online seedshops to buy your cannabis seeds. You are thus guaranteed to obtain irreproachable seeds in terms of genetics, but also to benefit from fast, secure, discreet delivery, as well as competent and responsive customer service to advise you in your choices. 



Created in 1994, PARADISE SEEDS is a physical cannabis seed store located in Amsterdam, Holland. And we also find an online store available at:   
3 Sensi Seeds logo


Do you want to start growing cannabis, but you don't know how to go about it? The best is to contact an establishment specialized in the sale of cannabis seeds like Sensi Seeds. This is a seed bank...

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A seedshop is an online store where you can legally buy cannabis seeds on the internet. 

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